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Name:          Dave Nared
Nick-name:   Demon
Age:              47
Musical:        Bass, vocals.


Name:          Dave Nared
Nick-name:   Demon
Age:              29+
Musical:        Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals.


I started playing guitar in first grade, well over, um... forty years ago.  I didn't start playing the bass until my late teens.  
The first bands I was in were all the garage or basement jam bands that never amounted to much, but never stopped my
love for playing.  It wasn't until I was in my teens that I started to dabble with the bass guitar.  The church choir (yes I said
church choir) that I was playing guitar in at the time, needed a bass player and I figured I'd give it a shot and loved it.  
When that ran it's course, I played in a local band call, "The Revolvers" that you can find information on:  That was in the early 80's.  By the mid 80's the bass was on the shelf again and the guitar came
back out for a few short lived bands.  In the mid 90's, my daughter started playing in a trio called, "Lips 'N Fingers" with
local musicians, Tom Todd and Julie Slattery.  Tom wanted to add a drummer and bass player to fill out the trio and after
several unsuccessful tries, was ready to give up on the project.  But I talked him into giving me a shot on bass, since I
already knew their songs.  The idea worked and we were together for a couple of years.  While with "LNF", I was also
playing in a band called, "Surge" with the future lead singer for "The Grinders", Larry.  After that, I was in a band called,
"DFM" with some of the remaining members of "LNF" and guitarist, Danny McGuire.  "DFM" didn't last long, but it was fun.
After a brief musical hiatus, it was "time to grind".  Probably one of my biggest musical influences was "Grand Funk
Railroad".  I wore out my copy of their first live album and then the band that changed my whole outlook on music was,

So, thank you very much to all who come to see and hear "The Grinders"!!!!
Name:        James Capaldi
Nickname:  Butch
D.O.B.:       10-24-63
Musical:      Drums, vocals


Previous Bands:
Marbocaine                    1979-1981
Band of the Lost            1981-1982
Fury                               1982-1983
Freewill                          1982-1985
Excalibur                        1985-1999
Little Angel                     1998-1999
Yardrats                         1999-2001        
Majestic                          1999-2002
finding mary                    2001-2009
The Grinders                  2007-
Generation Landslide     2010-2012
Andy's Last Band            2012 -

This one is a bit tricky. I actually started out playing the trumpet in Junior High School. I took lessons for trumpet also.
About that time Mom bought me a drum set. I had no real interest in playing drums but she got them cheap in mind
that I might want them.

My best friend growing up also got a guitar at about the same time so we both started trying to figure out how to use
these instruments. This is where the influences come in.

I didn’t take any drum lessons to learn and just banging on them wasn’t getting very far.

That’s when of all things the first Cars album came out (1979). I started to really listen to what the drummer was
playing. That’s how I figured out if my foot does one thing, left hand another and the right hand a third I would be
playing a drum beat.

So the Cars drummer (David Robinson) I would have to say was my first biggest influence. From there it was some of
the favorite bands of the time that I would copy:

Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Kiss and after time every drummers drummer Neal Peart from my favorite band of all time,

Other Favorite Bands: Van Halen, Kansas, Styx, Journey, Yes, Extreme, Gin Blossoms, STP

My drum sets since 1983 have all been Tama. Before that I played Slingerland and earlier then that what ever I could
throw together.

I currently play Tama Artstars. Anywhere between 5-7 pieces (usually 5). I use all Tama hardware.  My cymbals
consist of:

Zildjan 14” Quickbeat Highhats
Zildjan 16” Projection Crash
Zildjan 17” Projection Crash
Zildjan 8” Splash
Zildjan 24” Rock Ride
Paiste 22” China Boy
Name:     Marty Kraig
Musical:  Guitar, vocals


Previous Bands: (in chronilogical order)
Snow Wizards
Last Shot
Southern Exposure
finding mary
The Grinders
Off the Grid

I got into music, ironically, by losing a coin toss to my brother.  The Beatles gave me my first influence when I was
about 12 or 13.  However, over the years, just about everyone I jammed with, influenced me.

My first vinyl record was Dark Side of The Moon.  My first 8-track was Paranoid.  The first song I learned how to play
(chords), was Freebird.

It doesn't matter how fast you are or what you can play.  The main thing is to play from the heart.

Music isn't a competition, it's an art.
Name:    Larry Aquila
Musical:  Lead Vocals (tambourine, cow-bell, whistles)


My bio is kind of short and to the point.  I have been playing in bands for around 30 + years now. It’s hard to remember
the names of all the bands, the people I played with and the bars I’ve played in over the years. I know I have had much
fun playing music all my life and the experiences I’ve had. Looking back is nice but knowing I’m still at it and enjoying the
camaraderie of the guys I play with currently makes me happiest

I was influenced in the early days much by Motown music and a lot of the bands that came over during the British
invasion (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Temptations, Four Topps). These were the type of bands I listened
to when I was younger and probably had the most influence on me during that time period.